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Athena device and emergency status text messages

How Athena Works

Silent Mode Icon


For discreet activation

Press button 3 times

Location is shared with pre-selected contacts

No audible alarm is activated

Alarm Mode Icon

Alarm Mode

For deterring attacks

Press button for 3+ seconds

Location is shared with pre-selected contacts

95+ decibel alarm is emitted

Wear it Your Way

Clothing Icons

We partnered with expert designers to create a wearable that is sleek, stylish and as discreet as you like.

Available in 3 colors

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Athena, a sexual assault prevention device, is unlike any other on the market.

- Bustle

Athena was specifically designed to be smart, yet inconspicuous.

- Mashable

This piece of tech ‘jewelry’... might save your life someday.

- Brit+Co

... deter a potential attacker, house it in a piece of fashionable jewelry and, ... educat[e] young men and women about appropriate relationships.

- MTV News

Wearable technology to empower women in the modern age.

- TechRepublic

Athena & the ROAR App

ROAR Personal Safety Application

In addition to getting help in emergency situations with Athena, you can also have your contacts watch over you by using the ROAR mobile app.

Set your status

Before you begin an activity, set a status in your ROAR app to let your contacts know what you’re doing and where you are.

Check in

When you have an active status, your contacts can ask you to check in with them. Check in directly via the app or by pressing the Athena button twice.

Send a distress message

When you’re in an emergency situation, send out a distress alert via the app or by activating Athena.

Stories for Good

Browse Stories for Good to stay updated on the latest news around gender equality and find resources if you or a loved one has been the victim of violence, assault, or harassment.

Experience Athena

Set your status

Before you begin an activity, like walking home or going for a run, set a status in your ROAR app to let your contacts know what you’re doing and where you are.

Click on the ROAR app to see how it works.

Check in

After setting your status, you can check in with your contacts to let them know that you are safe by tapping the button twice.

Press the button twice to see how it works.

Alarm Mode

Sound a high frequency alarm and send a distress message with your location to your contacts when you’re in an emergency situation.

Press and hold the Athena button for 3-seconds or more to activate the alert.

Hear Athena’s alarm*

*To hear Athena’s alarm in full frequency, turn up your speakers.


Activate SilentROAR in discreet situations, or when you feel uncomfortable, to send a distress message with your location to your emergency contacts.

Press the button 3 times to activate the alert.

Out shooting photos
Alerting those watching

Form and Function

The light ring

Lights activate when Athena is pairing and to indicate battery charge.

The material

Hypo-allergenic and allows for non-slip contact in moments of distress.

The button

The recessed button prevents accidental triggering and includes two alert modes based on your situation.

The clasp

The convenient magnetic clasp easily attaches to clothing and accessories.

The aluminum shell

Athena’s polished, lightweight aluminum comes in 3 colors: Timeless Black, Rose Gold, and Antique Silver.

The finger guides

The surface is contoured to guide your finger to the button.

The sound holes

Sound holes maximize the alarm output from Athena.


Circular base: 1.5” diameter x 0.5” thick (38.5mm diameter x 12mm thick).
Clasp length: 2.4” long x 1” wide (60mm long x 26.4mm wide).


Flexible, durable elastomer material with a lightweight aluminum backing.


Bluetooth Low Energy with a range of 30-50 feet.

SMS & Alerts

Athena users require a smartphone that runs either iOS 9 or later OR Android 6.01 and up.


A lot of powerful hardware packed into only 1oz!

Find My Athena

Use the mobile app to quickly locate your Athena if misplaced.


Battery life: up to 2 weeks.
Battery type: lithium-polymer.
Charge time: two to three hours.


Athena only tracks the user’s location when an alert is activated.

The Clasp

Strong and innovative magnetic band for a secure fit.


Two buzzers operating at different frequencies to provide a maximum impact alarm of 90+ dB.


Going for a run? Wear your Athena!
Going for a swim? Don’t wear your Athena!


Unhappy with your Athena experience? Reach out to us at and let us make it right.

Athena & You

The College Student

Athena helps Nora’s parents worry less while she’s away at college.

The Runner

Athena lets Audrey stay connected to her loved ones while jogging.

The City Dweller

Athena provides added peace of mind while Aaliyah walks home alone at night.

The Traveler

Athena allows Hunter to quickly notify friends and family of her location while she’s traveling

Live your life boldly

Available in 3 colors –
Rose Gold, Timeless Black, & Antique Silver

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