The Backstory

What started off as a solo journey of a lifetime turned into a global mission to impact generations.

Co-Founder, Yasmine Mustafa, shares details of her trip to South America and return to Philadelphia where she was exposed to numerous stories of violence against women.

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The Problem

Every day, women face the threat of harassment, assault, and violence.


of women say they do not like walking home late at night.



of women have experienced street harassment.



college women will be sexually assaulted.



women experience violence from their intimate partners in their lifetime.

Discovery Process

So we got to work...


months of extensive research and product development


personal defense instructors & police officers interviewed


Athena devices user-tested

Our Mantra

We envision a world with fewer assaults, less worry. One that’s safer. Where anyone can live their life boldly. So, we started ROAR for Good.

Athena is just
the beginning

We do not just want to put a bandaid on the problem of violence against women. In addition to Athena, we are committed to getting to the root cause of this violence.

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The ROAR Back Program

For each device sold, we ROAR back a portion of the proceeds to educational programs that have been shown to increase empathy and reduce violence.

Purchase with a Purpose

We’re extremely proud of our Certified B Corporation® status. This means we meet rigorous social, environmental, transparency, and accountability standards. By buying from us, you’re using your purchasing power as a force for good.

Meet our team

for transforming society

Yasmine Mustafa

Co-Founder & CEO

for all underprivileged

Anthony Gold

Co-Founder & COO

for the greater good

Mahmoud Mustafa

Head of Supply Chain

for equality and peace of mind

Rich Nelson

Senior Mechanical Engineer

for future generations

Rebecca Tiffany

Head of Marketing

for those who can't

Emily Pfister

Communications Manager

for the voices unheard

Bhumika Soam

Product/Industrial Designer

for our ancestors

Taun Chapman

Project Engineer

for a better future

Christine Cunniff

Junior Software Developer

for everyone's right to privacy

Peter Alt

Senior Software Architect/UX Engineer

for women's empowerment

Jamie Lee

Experiential and Partnership Marketing Lead

for a better world

Cody Eddings

Junior Android Developer

for a safer world for everyone

Peter Nettl

Customer Experience Specialist

for a world with empathy

Meghan Wells

Marketing Project Manager

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